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Frequently Asked Questions:

  Q)  If I have my house treated for termites, will the pesticide kill other insects?

A) No, a termite treatment will sometimes get rid of some ants (they are a cousin to the termite). Subterranean termites are coming from a subterranean nest, which requires the pesticide be placed in/on the soil. Non-wood destroying pests must be eradicated by a licensed general pest control company.

  Q)  Do you have to spray inside my house every month?

A) Treatment is to the soil. Any termites inside the house after the soil is treated, will die from dehydration. Subterranean termites must get back to the nest to feed the young and obtain moisture for their bodies. Annual inspection/termite control service contracts are available for termite prevention.

When eradicating termites beneath a slab floor, the home must be accessed to drill holes through the slab. The termiticide is injected into the soil and the holes are sealed with cement. 
Homes with crawlspaces requires soil treatment around base of foundation, pier supports and where plumbing contacts the soil.

   Q)  Are your chemicals safe?

A)  No, they are pesticides and if misused can be dangerous. This is why all pesticides must be applied by a state licensed applicator. All our pesticides must be California approved and the label must be followed to the letter. At the end of each month, we are required to report to each county agricultural commissioner the amount of each pesticide we used in their respective counties.
  Q)  But, are some chemicals safer than others?
A)  Our chemical of choice for Subterranean termite control is Premise 75 for Subterranean termites. This is a targeted pesticide which prevents termites from molting. Since humans do not molt, well, you do the math. Termidor is also an excellent pesticide that kills subterranean termites in their nest but it must be buried in the soil.

  Q)  Does your termite treatment have hidden costs such as monitoring fees?

A) No. Monitoring fees pertain to termite baits. We have the bait system available, but they are not cheap. We have had no problems with Premise 75 or Termidor. If these pesticides are protecting the home, what more can one ask for? It is our opinion the bait system should be used for homeowners who may have personal concerns with pesticides being applied to their property. The bait system is a way to keep the termite company coming back to monitor the stations. Installing the bait stations and monitoring them costs money.

 Q) My house was just treated a few months ago and I am having a swarm, why?

A) There could be several reasons this is happening, first you could have had a partial treatment and the area the swarm is coming from was not covered, second you may have been treated after the termites were already in the swarm castle and above the treated zone. In either case I would recommend calling the company that did your treatment and allow them to explain this better to you.

 Q) Since my house was treated I wont ever have termites again correct?

A) No that is not correct, the products on the market today, even the Termidor that we use, has a life expectancy of about 5 to 7 years and that is all. If the company that treated your house gave you the option to renew your guarantee after the initial period I would suggest doing it. Do it for your sake and for your home's sake.

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