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A Structural Pest Control Inspection (commonly referred to as a termite inspection) consists of an inspection of the exterior, interior and under the home (if there is a crawl space). It is a violation of California Laws and Regulations if one or more of the following conditions exist (Business & Professions Code, Title 16, Division 19, Article 5). And, if any of these conditions exist, corrective recommendations must be issued. 
A termite inspection is to determine if one or more of the following conditions may exist:
  1. Fungus (dry-rot) or damage caused by fungus.
  2. Excessive Moisture conditions which may lead to fungus infections or damage to wood members (leaking roof, windows, plumbing,commode, tub, shower , enclosures, etc).
  3. Subterranean termites, Drywood termites, Dampwood termites, Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees, wood boring beetles or wood damage caused by these insects.
  4. Wood in contact with soil; a condition that is considered to be an attraction for fungus growth, wood boring beetles or Subterranean and Dampwood termites.
  5. If there is a crawl space beneath the house, it will be inspected to determine if there may be cellulose debris on the subarea soil, which is an attraction for fungus, beetles and termites.
  6. Faulty Grade conditions. Grade is considered to be faulty if a wood member is below natural soil height or in soil contact. This condition is considered marginal if wood is within two inches of soil or, if new construction, within six inches of soil.
  7. Excessive cellulose debris (pieces that are rake-able) laying on the soil, tree stumps or wood products which may be partially buried in the subarea soil.
  8. Inaccessible Areas (a portion of the subarea may be blocked, preventing physical access, etc.)
There is no law that requires a termite inspection or termite work to be performed. Wood is considered in need of repair/replacement if, in the opinion of the inspector, it no longer serves its' intended purpose or adornment. After an inspection is made, a report must be produced and submitted to the person who ordered it. The SPCB is required to be notified of the address inspected and the information retained for two years.
Termite Services